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complement your interior with a unique piece of occasional furniture from camilleriparismode. while we do not offer suites of furniture, we specialise in that one-off piece to add that special touch to your living environment. camilleriparismode’s collection of furniture is made up of exclusive, handcrafted pieces from furniture houses across europe, brought to malta.

when it comes to furnishing an interior, an individual’s style & preference is usually the determining factor when selecting the various pieces required. some choose to focus on creating an interior according to a pre-determined style & each decision would be guided by the parameters of that style.

another option is to mix styles of furniture. creating such an interior may be a conscious choice or determined by the requirements of a particular interior. having a classical fireplace as a focal point should not restrict the décor of that room to a classical style. another common reason for mixing styles is when existing furniture in one’s possession is brought into a different interior to the one it was originally purchased for.